Fresh-Baked Organic Sourdough Bread for the Mat-Su Valley

Enjoy the sourdough life without the sourdough lifestyle – delicious, healthy, home-made bread and baked goods, fresh for pickup.


Do you…

Love bread but worry about the ingredients in store-bought bread?

Know sourdough is healthier but don’t have the time to make it?

Have a soft spot for handmade treats?

Have other concerns?

I’ve got you covered!

With me as your sourdough supplier, you’ll find that, besides being delicious, your sourdough experience is


I’m in the Whole Ingredients Only club – I only use organic flour in all my products, and no preservatives or any of that weird stuff…


Easily order. Your loaf will be fresh-baked on pickup day! Say bye to the sourdough babysitting and hello to the rustic loaf.


I make sourdough the old way: bare-bones ingredients, long-fermented to achieve the nutritional edge you’ve been hearing about.

Meet your new baker… Me!

I’m Delaney

Hi! I LOVE baking. It’s my goal to offer quality baked goods to the Mat-Su community I love. Everything I make is mixed, baked, and sold out of my home. There’s just something about homemade bread and treats that tops grocery store products!

I operate under cottage food law to offer you baked goods full of quality ingredients and free of commercial preservatives/additives. All with the aim of simply helping people celebrate all that food can be: healthy, sustaining, fun, and delicious!

Get to know me better here.

Hi! I'm Delaney and I can make great bread for you!


How it Works

Order from my Hotplate menu (and sign up to hear when the next “Drop” is!)

Pickup from my centrally-located home bakery! You’ll see directions when you order 🙂

It’s that simple! And when you opt in for notifications from Hotplate, you’ll also hear about different markets or events where I am selling.

What’s My Deal?

Delaney’s Sourdough is for everyone in Palmer, Wasilla and the surrounding Mat-Su Valley who are looking for a healthier and more fun bread option. Maybe you want a healthier bread without sacrificing flavor and texture. Maybe you love handmade treats for special occasions. Maybe you love supporting local businesses (hi!). And maybe you simply don’t have the time to make it all yourself 😞. But now you have me, a local mom who started out just trying to give her family healthy foods.

One day, I found myself with one loaf too many and reached out online to see if anyone was interested, and Delaney’s Sourdough was born! Rest assured that every loaf I make has only three core ingredients : organic flour, water, and salt (although I do make flavored loaves with yummy add-ins, because we all need yummy add-ins from time to time).

What makes sourdough different?

In a nutshell, sourdough bread is made using a different leavening process. The sourdough “starter” is an active strain of bacteria different from commercial baker’s yeast and takes longer (like 8+ hours, depending on the environment) to ferment, or leaven the bread. And good things happen in this long-fermentation process!* Things like:

  • Gluten breaks down, making the bread easier on digestion
  • Good nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium etc become more absorbable
  • Glycemic Index is lowered

So place your order today! And in the meantime, connect with me on the socials:

*I’m baker, not a scientist, so I encourage you to do your own research as well!

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